Manual sticking line

The manual sticking line comprises a double conveyor system with stop positions for individual trays and corresponding work positions.


The manual sticking line is provided with two levels. On the top level, where trays enter the sticking line, each individual tray is positioned separately in front of the employees. The bottom level has a conveyor belt with working tables mounted at both sides. These working tables can tilt, allowing the people to find their ideal working position. The employees now just take the trays from the top level. Gravity will help them to place the tray on their working table.

As soon as a tray is finished, it can be manually pushed from the table, right on the bottom conveyor belt. The employee can take a new tray which in the meantime will be positioned on the upper level, assuming sufficient external infeed. Processed trays leave the sticking line. The manual sticking line can be provided with registration software which makes it possible to monitor individual productivity.


Capacity ph
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