Innovative inspection system for incoming and outgoing goods.


More and more companies observe manual inspection and control of in/out goods flows as a bottleneck. Any error that occurs in this process results at a later stage in multiple problems. Amongst others, these consist of additional labor, process disruption, dissatisfied customers, and the burden of proof to suppliers.

In cooperation with a large launching customer, the Argos was developed. The Argos provides an intelligent inspection system that processes all available and measurable data of a load carrier by intelligent multi-Vision scanning. It executes this fully automatically as well as ‘on-the-flight’.

A load carrier (Danish trolley) is fed into the infeed system of the Argos. The Argos transports the load carrier independently through the inspection tunnel. All products on the load carrier are scanned using intelligent multi-Vision technology. In the process, a multitude of data was measured, such as:

  • Optical image of the entire load carrier
  • Product code
  • The precise location of each product on the load carrier
  • Product height per cask
  • Control of the total number
  • RFID tag registration

The benefits

  • Automated inventory management
  • Automatic triggering of EAB/invoices to customers
  • Value chain status update that the product has been shipped
  • Chain savings: exit control grower & exporter input control
  • Quality inspection of outgoing products by intelligent 4th-generation vision optical technology


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