For 10 years, the MIDI has been known as TTA's most popular transplanter. With field experience of over 170 MIDI transplanters, TTA has incorporated all possible demands in the area of transplanting, into one unique transplanter.


The MIDI transplanter is available in capacities ranging from 3.000 up to 40.000 plants per hour. It can be utilized for transplanting into trays, packs, shuttle trays and even loose pots. The MIDI offers an easy-to-use user interface with inbuild self-diagnosis. The MIDI transplanter incorporates all the versatility TTA has become known for.


Capacity ph
  4.000 - 40.000 plugs
Plug diameter
  9 - 60 mm
Air consumption
  17 ltr. / min
Energy consumption
  3 kW
Machine weight
  700 kg
MidiFlat movies
MIDI_ _Oosterik_ _geranium
MIDI_ _Ruhe_Varens
MIDI_ _Vegobel_ _4_plants_per_pot
MIDI_ _Wensing
MidiCurve_ _Mosler