The MaxSorter is a fully automatic selecting machine that transplants young plants into a maximum of four grades.


Donor trays with plant material are manually placed on the infeed conveyor. Trays can be buffered on this. The chain belt automatically positions the donor trays at the pick-up position. When the donor tray is at the planting position, the pick and place unit moves to the first row and picks up plugs from the donor tray with automatically desinfected plant grippers. At the same time, our pusher pin system comes up from underneath and push up the plants. A verry useful method, especially for plant material with under- or overdeveloped roots. 

The disinfection system consists of two water basins, one with a heating element and one without to cool the plant grippers. Clients can set the temperature at which the plants need to be disinfected.

The pick and place unit moves to the selection position. At this position, our imaging system evaluates each individual plant in the plant gripper by using camera units. The plants are then sorted into two, three or four grades. The rejected plants / plugs will be collected.

The machine results can be kept in a log file and are available for implementation in a business software system, making data mining easy.


Capacity ph
  6.000 - 12.000 plugs
MaxSorter movies
MaxSorter - BPK
MaxSorter - Vreugdenhil