Grading re-invented! The FlexSorter is a unique selection equipment which combines transplanting and multiple class selection into one simple step.


The FlexSorter is unique since it selects plants and handles the plugs only one time! Plants are extracted from the donor tray with our in-house developed plant grippers, assisted by a pusherpin system from below. The plant grippers give the plants space, so that it's easily to determine the plant quality. After selection, the FlexSorter transfers approved plants to the selected destination belts, grade by grade. The number of classifications depends on the number of destination belts and is maximized on four.

Discarded plants and empty plugs are collected on a waste belt. The selected trays are all combined class by class. Both the machine and the imaging system offers an easy-to-understand user interface with inbuilt self-diagnosis. The FlexSorter is the new generation of selection equipment, avoiding the plant damage due to double handling of plants.


Capacity ph
  3.000 - 12.000 plugs
Plug diameter
  9 - 60 mm
FlexSorter movies
FlexSorter - Akre
FlexSorter - Allplant
FlexSorter - Baumschule Priebe
FlexSorter - Beekenkamp plants
FlexSorter - Beekenkamp
FlexSorter - Boomkwekerij de Douglas
FlexSorter - Denis Plants
FlexSorter - Forestry sorting line
FlexSorter - GrowGroup
FlexSorter - Meewisse Plants
FlexSorter - Van der Avoird Trayplant
FlexSorter - Vollebregt Cyclamen