The FlexPlanter is a unique transplanter which combines transplanting and selection into one simple step.


The FlexPlanter extracts plants from the donor tray with our in-house developed  plant grippers, assisted by a pusherpin system from below. The plant grippers give the plants space, so that it's easily to determine the plant quality. After selection, the FlexPlanter only uses plants, which have been approved by the inbuilt imaging system.

Discarded plants and empty plugs are collected on a waste belt. The destination tray comes out at choice 100% filled (no correction needed) or for capacity increase with some voids, allowing the operator to correct the result. Both the machine and the imaging system offer an easy-to-understand user interface with inbuilt self-diagnosis. The FlexPlanter is the transplanter of choice for growers who propagate their own young plants and would like to reduce labour costs and at the same time increase evenness and quality.


Capacity ph
  3.000 - 30.000 plugs
Plug diameter
  9 - 60 mm
FlexPlanter movies
FlexPlanter - Colletta & Tyson
FlexPlanter - EmsFlower
FlexPlanter - Leo Ammerlaan
FlexPlanter - Skogplanter Østnorge